Boxshop Benefits

From House Moving Kits to Boxes and Bubble Wrap

If you are moving house, relocating your offices or looking for storage solutions, you can buy all the packaging materials you need from Boxshop offered by Container Relocations, specialists in moving, shipping and storage services in New Zealand and Australia.

Wrapping and storing your items using the right packing materials can make all the difference to the condition they'll be in when you unwrap them. Protecting the flat screen tv, the much-loved couch and the much-needed mattress is easy when you use packaging boxes and supplies designed specifically for the job.

Shop for Boxes and More

Take a look at the packing supplies on offer - we doubt you'll get a better price anywhere else.

  • Boxes - Strong moving boxes for your non-breakable items such as books, games and toys.
  • Tea Chest - A twin cushion box offering your items extra protection.
  • Port a Robe Box - This even comes with a rail to keep your clothes in tip-top shape.
  • Medium Size Plasma/LCD Box - Security for your precious high-ticket items.
  • Bubble Wrap Roll - 60 metres of essential packing material.
  • Packing Paper - Protect your breakable and delicate items with packing paper that can wrap items, scrunch into corners and pad out boxes.
  • Furniture Cover - When the move is over, you can sink into your couch or armchair happy in the knowledge that it is not damp, not dusty and not dirty.
  • Mattress Cover - Lie back on the bed you love in the condition you left it in. Use this cover again and again. Also gives other big items protection from dirt, dust and water.
  • Tape Dispenser and Tape - There's no excuse for loose boxes with this easy to use tape dispenser, which comes with two bonus rolls of industrial-strength 50m tape.